Subtraction Trainer

For help with subtractionand to support the subtraction trainer of Mathstrainers Pro:

(for general help with using Mathstrainers Pro, including accessing the trainers, setting modes, and viewing results go to the Mathstrainers Pro Help page).

LEVELS: Each level has a brief description and then a short video with examples of questions and how to work out answers:

Yellow: Level 1: The answer will always be five or under for building confidence.

Green: Level 2: Both numbers will be 10 or under giving for a greater variety of questions than level 1, but allowing a solid progression in difficulty.

Purple: Level 3:  Both numbers will be 20 or under steady progression. In timed mode, 10 questions are asked requiring increased concentration.

Brown: Level 4: Both numbers will be 50 or under.

Red: Level 5: Both numbers will be under 100.