3D Shape
Recognising Shapes
Solids, Volume and Weight
It's my space - Keep Out

When we talk about space, we talk about 3D. Teenagers keep us out of their rooms so let them create their own space.

They will need to measure the width, length and height of their room (assuming it is a cuboid in shape). They will have to know whether they are going to paint their room or use wallpaper (or a combination). The quantity of paper and/or paint needs to be calculated. Then they need to cover the floor - working out the area based on the length and breadth.

Then they need to work out what will fit in their room and where to put stuff.

All of these things come at a price - so they could work to a budget (they'll want to know who will be giving them the money).

They may want to create a design - maybe a diagonal, and they may need to work out angles or lengths using trigonometry and Pythagoras.