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As we are looking to leave school and preparing for life and work in society we need to consider making money and personal finance.

There are a lot of useful websites about personal finance: children need some fundamental skills though to ensure they get the best from the advice.

Percentages are given everywhere so a firm grasp of this topic needs to be made. Unfortunately as Maths teachers to accommodate expediency we often teach percentages along with fractions and decimals. This makes sense, however in terms of finance percentages and decimals are more predominant than fractions - so I'd recommend working with decimals and percentages together.

There is a factor of a hundred between decimals and percentages so kids need to master multiplying and dividing by a hundred. There is also the percent sign (we often relate this to 'out of 100') which some kids just find confusing. We can also say that it means 'divide by 100', which would be intimidating if they are frightened of division.

Then we have to be able to add a percentage, take away a percentage and find the percentage of (not necessarily in that order).

Working with decimals and we need to know place value.