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Solids, Volume and Weight
It's my space, keep out

You won't get a more tangible topic than this. Solids are all around us, easy to come by. Volumes are written on every shopping purchase. Some of us are obsessed by weight.

So let us explore the topics. How do they link together. The relationships between the three are indicative of how maths helps us in our daily lives.

Think of a solid (e.g. a cylinder - loads of tins to work with).

This may be too early to be able to work out the volume, but the concept needs to be considered. Volume is the space consumed by the object.

It is also very early to think how volume relates to weight. Consider the difference between weight and mass. Figure out what density is - comparing weights of different materials - ice and water - aluminium and gold.

These are fundamental engineering topics - or any industry that needs to think about the physical properties of solids - it all comes at a price.