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Money and Measure Go Together
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After getting to grips with what money is, primary children can then be introduced to how money and measurement go together. This is an important concept because everything around us comes at a price and the more you want the more money you need.

Maybe a yard of silk,

A pound of flesh,

Or carats of diamonds,

A barrel of oil,

Cans of cola,

For advanced learners in this topic we can explore ratio and how relate with one another in proportion. We can relate this to algebra or straight line graphs.

We can extend our ideas of measurement, with different measures:

distance - the further we go on the bus the more it costs

volume - the more in the can the more we have to pay

weight - the heavier something is the more it costs to move

brightness - the lighter the bulb the more energy is used

heat - the warmer the room the more fuel is consumed

area - the larger the estate the more it will cost

speed - the faster it goes the more fuel it burns and the harder it is to make

time - the longer it takes (time IS money)
ad infinitum