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Forecasting and Trending
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So when do we use equations? We can use them when we are trying to work things out - and if we know the relationship (how things work together) between things, especially time, then we can obtain a good idea of what things will be like in the future.

We cannot predict the future of course, that is firmly in the realms of clairvoyants and sightseers. What we can do is work out an approximation of what can happen. We maybe don't hold great favour with weather forecasters or our financiers, but we do rely and depend on the work of engineers and scientists (think of bridges and planes, think of medicines).

We are building towards formulae, but the math skills needed to work with equations and formulae, bring us closer to bringing us in line with the future.

Forecasting consists of making an estimate of what may occur in certain circumstances. Trending is displaying how things change in time, often using tables and graphs.