above, below, over and under
Area and Slope
To Infinity and Beyond

Working towards the two disciplines in Calculus of differentiation and integration, we consider respectively slope and area.

We need to get up to speed with line graphs and some algebra as well. GeoGebra is a fantastic tool for the individual learning about lines and equations.

Slope: the gradient of a line is the slope of the line, this can give you how things are changing at a point in time (past, present or future). Sometimes we want to know or change the slope. Working with time on the x-axis, if the slope is too high things are changing too quickly. If the slope is too low, things are not changing quickly enough.

Area: there are formulae developed for working out area - for simple shapes. But working out area is not so simple for more complex shapes. The area under a line when the x-axis is time gives us an accumulated value.