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PIXWAP loading

PIXWAP load options

This is a detailed overview of the load options in PIXWAP:

These are accessed by tapping the in arrow button.box-down-7@2x

Load options send a picture and text. 

This presents the user with a menu of options.

receive any

This load option puts PIXWAP into RECEIVE ANY mode. Other users nearby (Bluetooth range) or on the same Wifi network, who are using PIXWAP to SEND ANY will automatically be connected with and their PIXWAP (image and text) will be received.

This is a fast and simple way to transfer pictures between friends.

receive with code

This load option is very similar to 'receive any' but provides an element of security by prompting the user to enter a CODE. To receive a PIXWAP from a nearby sender, they must use 'send with code' AND choose the same code as yourself.

Again, this is an effective way of sending picture and text information.


This load option uses the device camera to take a photo, the photo can then have text associated with it. Together this picture and text can be shared with others.


This load option accesses the device album and allows the user to select a picture from it.

hint: to take a copy of the screen into the album press the HOME and POWER buttons together.

from clipboard

This load option takes image and/or text information from the clipboard. Many apps allow sharing of information using COPY, which copies information to the clipboard.

This option is ideal for loading website information from your browser (i.e. Safari) or from various websites (e.g. Youtube).