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My Pixwap Page


Some of my Pixwaps... previously shared and copied here as examples of the flexibility of PIXWAP...

These PIXWAP's are not shared images alone... They all include their URL links as generated by PIXWAP...
Although PIXWAP presents links and connects seamlessly, it was a bit more effort creating this page although it was all completed in a morning.... 051013...

I just liked this picture. Using APOD app on my iPad I shared the link and copied it into Pixwap.
Pixwap stores images in compressed form... some images like this exist on the Internet as very large files... it may take a long time for this to download.

Check out this awesome image from Astronomy Picture of the Day! image sent from pixwap.


Pixwap now allows quick access to audio and media websites. Here we access AUPEO.

If you run this on your mobile, the website asks if you wish to use its app. 


And there's a wealth of music available for streaming in GrooveShack...

My favourite song is March of the Black Queen.


A quick link to education sites includes TED... And there is inspirational music to be found here with my fellow Scot Eddie Reader, who has a beautiful vocal.

Of course, a quick link to gets us to my favourite performer... Freddie.

and back to grooveshack for Beatles music...

Do you like XFactor? Remember James Arthur with The Power of Love... power of love, image sent from pixwap.


Will the Voice end because the winners aren't necessarily the best singers? picks Jaz Ellington because no one else can, image sent from pixwap.


Khan Academy gets a lot of stick but it is a great educational resource, so I included it into Pixwap's quick links... image sent from pixwap.


Or back to streaming radio channels from the Internet. If you wanted relaxing background music on your iPad. Select an audio source in Pixwap.


Or if you were searching resources in the browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) just copy the link to the clipboard and paste into Pixwap for sharing... image sent from pixwap




Sharing fav youtube vids - playback on your tablet, phone, or Apple TV


Pixwap's a social app, put your comments along with links... watch the others faces when they know someones oot

051013paulpotts mob phon salesman, image sent from pixwap.


PIXWAP in the App Store...


Share useful info via facebook, twitter, Wifi, bluetooth, email, and with other apps. Including in IOS 7 AirDrop...

Here we're sharing a METACAFE informational video...


All your meaningful shares are stored in Pixwap for later retrieval. This short summary gives a small glimpse into its usefulness. You decide what you want to share, whether it be pictures from your camera or links to your own resources (e.g. DropBox) or resources from the Internet.


Be inspired by TED talks. Most of the quick links give free resources. Some of them you have to subscribe to for a better service.


So share your YouTube. tom jones green green grass jools hootenanny, image sent from pixwap.


and share your favourite tweets (you could always share using app's share facility but in Pixwap it stores the share so you can come back to it later - like I've done here to create this web page)

originally inspired from combining my work in education with my passion for technology, Pixwap has been created to maximise productivity on the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch IOS device platform.