Multiplication Trainer

For help with multiplication and to support the multiplication trainer of Mathstrainers Pro:

(for general help with using Mathstrainers Pro, including accessing the trainers, setting modes, and viewing results go to the Mathstrainers Pro Help page).

LEVELS: Each level has a brief description and then a short video with examples of questions and how to work out answers:

Yellow: Level 1: An introduction to multiplication, the first number is less than five and the second number is 0, 1, or 2. The product will always be less than 10 so the user can use their fingers as sets of numbers if needed.

Green: Level 2: Both values will be less than or equal to 5. By practice the userís number bonds are improved and confidence in multiplication can be gained.

Purple: Level 3:  Presents the tables square and either multiplicand can be from 1 to 9. The user is forced to use the table square by touching the correct answer. This allows even the less confident to progress in ability. The more confident user still has to think in terms of the tables square which is challenging, especially against the clock or an opponent.

Brown: Level 4: The gloves are off and the numbers are never less than 2 but always less than 10. This gives serious practice with their times tables. With 10 questions against the clock, concentration needs to be good to get all answers right.

Red: Level 5: Tests times tables up to and including 12 going beyond what is often taught in schools, often only going up to 10. Fifteen timed questions requires real concentration and accuracy.