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MPRO Workflow

MPRO WORKFLOW (viewings: )

Please download the linked Word file - it gives a lighthearted view of the workings of MPro and MPro Console.

This page runs through the workflow (using one example) of creating a class, assigning new pupils to the class, connecting to MPro Console devices, creating a resource from a photo, making the resource an activity, sending the activity to the class, creating a response in a student device, returning the response to the teacher, and the teacher checking the response in MPro.

 Teacher Activity (one-off setup)     Teacher Activity (MPro)                    Students Activity (MPro Console)


1. Set up a class (the class will be called TES Maths)

- this involve clicking on the [+] next to CLASS LIST then typing in 'TES Maths'

2. Add three pupils (MathsHOD, Guish, and googolplex)

- this involves clicking on the [+] next to PUPIL LIST and inserting a name (3 times - 'MathsHOD, Guish, and googolplex')

3. Assign pupils to the class.

- this involves clicking on the > next to the pupils' names and selecting the class (i.e. TES Maths from picker)

4. See status of pupils in class view.

- Pupils will be RED to start with as MPro has not assigned them to a connected MPro Console device


5. Connect to pupil device.

- Click on NOT CONNECTED for a pupil - this brings up a list of connected devices that the pupil can be assigned to
- normally pupils will use the same iPad device each time and connection will be automatic when MPro (teacher devcie) and MPro Console (pupil device) are activated

- once connected - the pupil is shown in GREEN

- if the pupil comes out of MPro Console disconnection occurs and their box turns RED - this gives an immediate indication from the class view of who are going into and out of MPro Console on the pupil devices (i.e. they may be off task)

- the square within the pupil box shows a status colour (this indicates how well they are doing in their numeracy practice - an indicator of their last ten operations)

- tapping the square quickly brings up that pupil's view

- once connection is made instructions, activities, or lessons (i.e. a set of six different activities) can be sent to the pupil device(s)

6. Create resource using camera.

- it is very easy to set up a resource - tap [+] on RESOURCE LIST

- give it a name (e.g. credit question 2003 paper)

- tap [Photo Album] to get picture from photo album

- tap [Camera] to take a new picture that does not go into photo album
 - this could be useful for:
     write down a quick question for the class to do - get them settled
     get a question out of a textbook (in case some have forgot theirs)
     photo a question or piece of work from a pupil that you want to share with the class

7. Add activity and assign photo as a question.

- tap [+] on ACTIVITY LIST
- insert activity name - this should reflect the type of activity
   - whether a fixed set of practice operations (e.g. you may want the class to practice their
        integers at a set level of difficulty)
   - may be an online activity
        YouTube video to watch in class or later (e.g. for homework or prep)
        EdModo questions that need to be completed
        Video resource from a shared cloud-based resource (e.g. DropBox)
        Link to page or resource in instructional website 
   - may be a resource (as created above - a photo of a question)
 - an inset activity consists of 2 online resources, one in an inset view  2013-04-11T09-28-33_16
   this could be useful for a Video or audio link explaining how to do something in the inset
   and a related question the student has to answer in the main view

- once the activities have been inserted, they can be sent to an individual pupil, the whole class of pupils, or assigned as one activity out of a possible six activities in a lesson (tap [+] for LESSON LIST)

8. Send activity to class of devices.

- go to the Class (i.e. tap on the CLASS LIST - this opens the list of classes, then tap on TES Maths - the class you want)
- this brings up the Class View (showing the three pupils)

2013-04-11T09-28-33- tap [Activities] and this brings up a list of all available activities

- select the activity from the list and tap [SEND] - this sends the activity to all connected devices

9. Receive activity from teacher.
- once Sent, the teacher device will send the activity to all connected devices - for a few connected devices this may take a few seconds - for one device it should be instantaneous

- it shows up in the instruction list for the pupil
- if the activity is something to be actioned by the pupil it will be shown in RED

- this will turn to GREEN once the activity has been sent and received by the connected
     teacher device

- if the activity is completed (and SENT) when the pupil is not connected (e.g. at home)
  then it turns ORANGE

- the next time the pupil device connects to the teacher device it will automatically
  send the completed work to the teacher device (and change to GREEN)

- the pupil taps on the instruction/activity to see what has been assigned to do

10. Look at activity and work out response.

- in this example the pupil sees the question for sine rule as photographed as a resource

- it could also have been
    - an instructional video
    - an online quiz
    - a shared cloud resource (e.g. PDF file)
    - a podcast - audio explanation
    - a URL to browse through - where there are links on the web page, the pupil can navigate

- a combination of audio or video instruction in an inset and a question to be answered

- the pupil can set to work - this view also has Answer buttons (take the answer from the
                                     screen - e.g. end of an online quiz; take the answer from the photo album - e.g. saved
                                     from another app like InkFlow; take a photo of their answer using the built-in camera)
- selecting an answer (using one of the three options above), the app prompts the pupil to send it to the teacher
  (YES or NO) - tapping the YES sends that response back to the teacher device

- the pupil is returned to the main MPro Console screen and can practice numeracy or attempt
    the next activity (if there is one) in the list

11. Send response back to teacher.

- once the response is returned to the connected teacher 
    on the Pupil View it is shown in GREEN

- the teacher taps the response to view what the student has done

12. Check response on teacher device.

2013-04-11T09-28-33- tapping the response shows what the student has done

- this response for the student is held on the teacher device forever