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Welcome to my Learning Zone

There are many excellent Math Websites on the Internet. However to find a good, relevant resource for your maths learning needs can be difficult. It is my intention to make this an easy process by providing brief advice and links within this website to a multitude of external resources.

There are even many excellent sites out there that supply graded resources - targeted specifically to the needs of learners in a highly usable form. I will provide links to many of these from this website.

Who is the Learning Zone For?

As a qualified Maths teacher the motivation for learning maths often comes from the parents or more specifically the teachers. As parents and teachers we sometimes need something relevant to help with our child's development. The Learning Zone targets most maths topics, for ages from 2 where they are just starting out on their learning journey, to teenage years and leaving school (either to employment or further education) it is a single start point for researching resources.

What advice do you give?

I believe that a more general and pragmatic approach to learning is best. In Mathematics' learning topics are built up (scaffolded) and learners often need to master one topic before getting to grips with another. This is a maze in itself. I try to outline this route in a straight forward, easy to understand way. I try to explain why topics are needed when they are and what they lead on to. I try to direct educators in the difficulties new learners may have with the different topics at their current stage in learning.

Is there an app?

I have developed an IOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) app that will allow you to quickly access the main landing pages to this site. Additional to this the app will allow you to then navigate through the Internet directing you towards useful maths resources. Once you have found a resource of use, bearing in mind that the user may be a parent or teacher, the app will allow you to SHARE this site's detail quickly and easily (whether on that device to another app; via a local Wifi/ bluetooth connection to one or many other devices; via email; text; facebook; twitter....). I have tried to make the sharing of resources from an IOS device as simple and universal as possible.

What is the app and how much will it cost?

The app will be called 'math share' and is due for release end March 2014. I intend that it will be free and accessible to kids and adults alike.

What about money?

As I won't charge for 'math share' I will not make money from it. I will not have ads at this website or from within the app. I feel ads distract from the purpose of the app and website, which is to improve the maths learning experience for many. There will be no IN-APP purchases in the app hoping for you to upgrade: this app will be the only 'math share' app I produce.

How do I make money?

Although I am a qualified secondary school teacher and worked for years teaching in school, I work as a Professional Software Engineer where the wages are higher. This is how I earn my living although I do make a small amount of money from other usually math-related drill apps which I have been writing for more than three years (as of March 2014).


I have no affiliates or partners - this can be considered a good or bad thing. Basically it means that I am not governed with what I publish on this website. However I am a parent myself (daughters 21 and 7), I take a pride in my work and want to do the best for parents, teachers, and ultimately kids around the world. Maths is a great subject to learn, both from an educational sense, but more importantly in understanding our world around us.

Links to external websites?

Correctly a concern for adults: what websites I link to. It is my firm intention to only direct you to websites that are committed to decency and learning. For example, I have tried to avoid YouTube (which is an excellent resource) but can lead to inappropriate material. I intend to personally check my links from time to time but I would hope that if you are directed to anything that can be construed as inappropriate that you would email me at my main address ( There may be a few web links to resources that you may have to pay for or register for. It will be up to yourself whether you wish to do that or not. Ultimately though I cannot be held responsible for the content or intentions of other websites. All I can do is break the link from here.

So whether you are here from somewhere else on the Internet or directly from math share, check out my pages using the links or my index page on the right.


Alex Watt