Formulae are equations that are specifically used for real life situations. From Ohms Law to Newton's Laws of motion there are formulae to model most physical situations.

Prior Knowledge & Skills

Applying equations to the real world, therefore a firm grasp of algebra basics and equations is important. It is also crucial to have a sound grounding in numeracy and calculator skills. Often formulae use very large and very small values involving units so scientific notation and an understanding of units and dimension is key.


Simple formulae involving proportion or variation like Ohm's Law is a good starter. We can then get on to changing the subject so that we can use one formula to work out different values. We can apply the many different formulae in increasing complexity used in science and engineering and solve problems using them. It would be very useful to understand how to use dimensions to confirm calculations and formulae.


Widely used in science, engineering, accounting and any profession using mathematical modelling.


Get an idea of formulae from this PowerPoint:

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