Patterns in Life
Aspects of science
Keeping letters in proportion

This page is all about looking for patterns in the world around us.

Patterns form a foundation in mathematics. When we find a pattern this can lead to a formula. Once we have a formula, we can use maths to predict and make sense of our world.

We can look for patterns in the home.

We can go further afield, outside to the garden.

Patterns in plant life and animal life.

Patterns can be found in our television programmes (e.g. Scooby Doo always ends up with the meddling kids stopping the baddie getting away with the crime).

Patterns is obviously found in art and design.

Patterns can be made from shapes.

There are patterns in music.

There are patterns to our weather.

Where we have a pattern, we can establish a formula - not only in Science, but in Finance and Engineering too.

Happy pattern hunting.