Comparing Sizes
Talking Time
Units and Dimensions

For introducing measurement to young children it may be useful to get them comparing sizes of things. Kids like to compare however the concept and reasoning for measurement may not make sense to them.

Get them working with terms like BIG, SMALL, TINY, LONG, THICK, HEAVY, LIGHT, DARK and so on. Get them agreeing or disagreeing about size of things - one person's tall might be another person's small.

Ask them questions about things that are always the same size. Examples could be electrical sockets and plugs; kitchen units; car tyres; house bricks; spoons; sheets of paper...

Get them wondering why things are made the same size and what would happen if they weren't.

There is a lot of practical activity that can be done with measurement. Introduce them to measuring instruments - rulers, scales, measuring jugs, and get them to research units of measurement and what tools can be used for measuring.