Early Years

These pages guide you to use of maths resources for ages 2 to 7. At this age and stage select resources to engage youngsters so that they develop confidence and almost unawares begin practicing their maths skills.

These internet pages should be used creatively in the design of learning materials for the very young. Some links access appropriate materials directly, others give an insight into how youngsters learn, yet others allow the guiding adult to come up with their own way of getting the message across. These are not prescribed to particular curricula or maths courses: they should be used to supplement the child's learning and are ideal for the perusal by the interested parent or teacher looking for new ideas.

Numbers and counting
Adding it up
Taking away
My times tables
Pocket Money
Angle games
Recognising shapes
Describing movement
Describing where
Comparing sizes
What if a number wasn't a number
Odd one out and what's in common
Making things the same
Patterns in life
Above, below, over and under
Painting by numbers
Biggest, smallest
Working it out