2D Position
Describing Movement
Directions and Distance
Where to go

For the early years position can be introduced by speaking about where things are, usually in terms relative to somewhere else. They need to understand and get familiar with the concept of where things are. This can be aided by considering movement from where one is then getting on to actual position.

Getting children to describe how they can get from one place to another, they may be allowed to use words like FORWARD and BACKWARDS, RIGHT and LEFT, CLOCKWISE and ANTI-CLOCKWISE, A FULL TURN, HALF A TURN, QUARTER A TURN and so on.

They could be presented with square paper and look to replicating positions of items on the paper. This will get them used to counting squares and intersections (where points need to be placed).

Real-life situations could be as simple as breaking down how to get from one room to another. They could also be asked questions like "Is John in front or behind Wendy?".