Division Trainer

For help with division and to support the division trainer of Mathstrainers Pro:

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LEVELS: Each level has a brief description and then a short video with examples of questions and how to work out answers:

Yellow: Level 1: Division is a real confidence sapper for many, but dividing by two isn’t too bad – so that’s where level 1 is: all calculations require dividing by two. Improving confidence.

Green: Level 2: Mix only one more number to divide by (i.e. 3). Tests dividing by two and three.

Purple: Level 3:  Getting harder but not too difficult – division by 2, 3, 5, and 10.

Brown: Level 4: Requires a good knowledge of their times tables. All numbers up to 10 can be the divisor.

Red: Level 5: A stinker of a challenge – not only can divisors be any number up to 10, but the result will always be a decimal to a single decimal place – with the tenth place