Adding it up
Taking away
Times tables
Practising arithmetic

This is following on from arithmetic in primary so we're concentrating on add, subtract, multiply and divide with a few additions (excuse the pun).

Brackets, parentheses - collecting terms together
Index, power of - how many times we times the term together
Divide, share - splitting the number up into equal divisions
Multiply, times - collecting equal numbers of terms and finding the total
Add, plus - finding the total of them all added together
Subtract, take away - two terms only - the difference between

Brace yourself for this operation - it doesn't go between - it goes around
Order this because it is a smaller number and raised above the rest
Divvy up the ways we can illustrate this operator
Multiples and times tables can be a dot operator or no operator at all
And where are we now, sum-how, we'll get there
Sub minus off

Squaring is an order and index
Quite easy at first but soon very difficult
Up above we see the number two
Area is measured in squared units
Rectangles with same length sides are called squares
Every side is the same
Double something is often confused with squaring something