Addition Trainer

For help with addition and to support the addition trainer of Mathstrainers Pro:

(for general help with using Mathstrainers Pro, including accessing the trainers, setting modes, and viewing results go to the Mathstrainers Pro Help page).

LEVELS: Each level has a brief description and then a short video with examples of questions and how to work out answers:

Yellow: Level 1: Ideal for the very young the two values are both less than or equal to five so that youngsters can use two hands to count. This encourages getting the answer correct, improving confidence.

Green: Level 2: Both values are less than 10, but youngsters may have to learn to count on and cannot guarantee that they have enough fingers for their final answer.

Purple: Level 3: Both values are less than 10, however one number will be a decimal value with a non-zero number of tenths: furthermore when chimney sums are selected the app deliberately aligns both values to the right. One of the answers will always be the value if the second value was that amount of tenths, designed to throw the user and make them think about lining up their numbers when putting them in chimney sums.

Brown: Level 4: Both values are less than 50 ensuring an answer that is still in the tens. Sometimes easy for this level, and more variety, forcing the user to keep concentration levels high.

Red: Level 5: Both values are less than 100 so there are possibilities that the result will be in the hundreds important for concentration. Achieving 15 correct out of 15 in a very good time is not a trivial expectation at this level.