Maths Trainers

This website was originally designed to support my IOS (iPhone/iPad) Apps.

The first maths trainer app was developed in May of 2011 using Flash Professional. It was designed to assist with Logarithms.

I carried on developing further Training Apps: from Maths, to sciences, to history and trivia - but all with a view towards learning and education.

Since the original Logarithms Trainer, I published more than 20 apps. Due to time constraints I have not been able to maintain these apps and as such they have become dated and I have removed them from the App Store.
I may revisit some of these in the future, however I have links to many Maths-related resources within this website, which I will continue to develop as time permits.

The layout of this site is slightly different, in that it is not geared specifically for the learner, but more to finding creative, maths-related resources for the teacher or parent who wants to help youngsters with particular Maths topics at a specific time of learning. The learning zone links are divided into three groups, from early learners to more academic learners, with the groups further divided into topics at those stages of learning.

Educators can go to the stage and topic and browse the links for related topics of interest. It is up to the educator to deem if the content is relevant, although there are short intro's for each link. Hope you find this useful.